Thursday 11 May 2023

French artillery battery

Back after a long break! For a number of reasons have not done any painting since 2021 and wasn't sure I'd ever get back again. But all good now, and back to the project. I'm currently working on Cuirassiers and Hanoverians but in the meantime I'm going to post some pics of my last few projects from 2021. This is the first of these: a battery of French artilley. I'm aware there should be 8 guns - I'll add them one day!

Figures are a mix of Perry, Victrix and a few others. 

Here are some more - the sun was a bit bright, it's better to take photos on a cloudy day.

Next up, some French staff, or some French dragoons, I think. Will try to post them soon.


  1. I am glad you are able to continue this great adventure.

  2. Wonderful to have you back blogging again.
    Those guns and artillerists look superb. Beaut composition of the bases too.
    Regards, James

  3. Alan and James, many thanks for your kind comments! Much appreciated.