Thursday 15 June 2023

French 2nd Dragoons

 Happy Quatre Bras Day!

Here are the French 2nd Dragoons - I did these a year or so ago, but have only just got round to taking some pics. The plan is to do Lhéritier's 11th Cavalry Division - so that's 2nd and 7th Dragoons, and 8th and 11th Cuirassiers. 

At Waterloo, the 2nd Dragoons were commanded by 
Colonel Planzeaux, and numbered around 550 men in the field. Not the best choice for Quatre Bras as I don't think they were engaged on the day! My hazy understanding is that the 1st Brigade (the two Dragoon regiments) did not arrive in time to take part, but the 2nd brigade (the two Cuirassier regiments) certianly did and were heavily engaged. 

The 2nd Dragoons consisted of 4 squadrons in 1815, each probably of just over 100 men. This lot here then only represent a quarter - another 3/4 to go!

The eagle-eyed will doubtless already have spotted that they are all sans carbine/musket/fusil. I will add them some day soon, hopefully. 

At Waterloo on the 18th June all four regiments were thrown at the allied squares in vain,

All figures are Perry plastics, an absolute joy to paint. 

Impossible to get a decent photo of the whole unit!

Next up - the 8th Cuirassiers. I've nearly finished the first squadron, and will try to post for Waterloo Day.

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