Sunday 17 July 2011


Been playing around with Gimp package. I think this looks better than the garden fence as a background.

Sunday 10 July 2011

27th Foot - Update

I hate painting but I love basing. To reward myself for finishing the endless kilts of the 92nd (pics coming soon) I decided to base these 27th, even though they're not really finished yet. I think most people leave doing the basing until the end but I think I'll be far more likely to press on and tidy up these Inneskillings now that they're looking a bit nicer. This was my first stab at static grass and I'm happy with how the ground came out.
Please excuse the garden fence!

Not sure how to base officers etc. At the moment I've just put serjeants and drummers together on little bases of two.

The pic below (furthest right) is another shot of a figure made from adding a Perry shako to a Victrix Scots head  - the 27th were shot to bits from the recently captured La Haye Saint, so the furious expressions of the Scots seemed more appropriate than the placid faces.

I'm just not good enough to do Regimental details on backbacks, canteens etc s I'm keepingmy fingers crossed Alban (or someone) will bring out decals for the 27th (and indeed, all my 1815 units).

These companies are made up of a mix of Perry and Victrix plastics and Perry metals.

A couple of corporals. I need to find exactly where Corporals stood - if indeed there was any kind of specific position stipultated in the regulations. Any ideas anyone?