Sunday 20 March 2011

Kempt's Brigade

32nd (Cornwall) Foot
206 centre company, both flank companies complete

79th (Cameron Highlanders)
6 centre companies complete, Grenadiers complete, 19 Light missing

95th (Rifles) - 1st Battalion
3 of the 4 coys at the hedge complete, 2 sandpit coys complete

Pack's Brigade

1st Foot (Royal Scots)
Centre coys - 24 kneeling missing, flank coys 16 kneeling missing. Otherwise complete

42nd (Black Watch)
13 kneeling missing, otherwise complete
44th (East Essex) - under construction
7 centre coys complete - 18 standing and 48 kneeling missing.
Flank coys complete.

92nd (Gordon Highlanders)
1 centre coy missing, otherwise complete