Thursday 1 May 2014

Halkett's squares update

Not much to report - have just been pushing on with Halkett's squares. After Quatre Bras each of the four regiments didn't number much more than 200 men each, so I've gone for companies of 18 men in square (with a drummer and extra serjeant or casualty lurking behind them).
So far I've based
30th - 7 companies
33rd - 7 companies
69th - 9 companies & light coy out skirmishing (battalion complete)
73rd - still to start!

My main problem is photographing them - I can't fit them in one shot!
Here are some very bad pics I took today. I will try again soon.

 33rd - West Riding - on a bookshelf!

 69th South Lincs - not sure what's happened to that chap's forage cap! Will have to give that another touch of paint I think.

I'm looking forward to doing all the command figs, colours and casualties etc in the centre - a kind of reward to myself after these all these.

One day soon I hope to have both combined formations (30th/73rd and 33rd/69th) on display in square so they won't be as long (as they'll be L-shaped) and hopefully will then fit in my camera frame!

I'm still short 36 kneeling figs, so if anyone has any spares I'll happily buy them or swap stuff for them!