Sunday 25 November 2012

28th Foot (North Gloucestershire)

Very nice to have a little break after all those highlanders. I hate painting but love playing around with all the creative options the new 28mm plastics provide. Here are some casualty figs for the 28th Foot. They were a kind of reward to myself for finishing the Camerons.

I'm going to carry on with the whole of Kempt's Brigade - they'll all be in firing line, except for those companies of the 95th which were skirmishing down by the sandpit.

Oh and the light company will be out skirmishing.

I'll be posting more as they come along. At the moment it's such a joy to have no more tartan!

Sunday 11 November 2012

79th Camerons - basing part 1

I was probably 10 years old the last time I laid an army of toy soldiers on the floor - I thought I might be able to take some pics of the whole 79th battalion in firing line but discovered my flat is too small!

The whole line is about 12 foot long and the best I could do was get 8 of the 10 companies running along the mantlepiece and a shelf.

This still left a couple of companies doubled up behind which was a pity, I'll have to find a better location to take pics someday.

Grenadier company

Some of the light company, badly shot up two days earlier at Quatre Bras.

The Battalion's centre company drummers, regulations stated that they should form up behind No.7 Company.

Still missing a few NCOs to be added to the smaller bases later, along with some debris etc

Command base - still very much in progess. Included are colour serjeants McQueen and Manuel, QMS James Hay, Serjeant Major Masterton McIntosh, Piper Kenneth McKay

Some bawdy fellows from No.4 (Lieutenant Donald McPhee's) Company

The next steps will be to finish the mountain of "last touches" for the painting - mostly the rear rank which I haven't glued on yet. I also need to sort out the flags.Then there's the actually basing with grass tufts etc. I'm not very good at it but it's the part of the process I probably enjoy most as it brings everything to life. The last step will be to print out the names of the men to stick under each base.