Sunday 16 October 2011

Rifles - 3rd Battalion - Fullerton's Company

Treated myself to a lovely break from the endless red tunics and white lace. Here are some work-in-progess shots of Fullerton's Company as they advance towards the Imperial Guard, flanking the 71st Foot (who I have assembled also in advancing pose). With a nominal strength of exactly 100 officers and men they suffered 18% casualties. Still plenty to be done (tidying up that awful splodge cuff for one!) but these were an absolute joy to paint.

Figures are mostly Perry, with a few Essex and Foundry, some Victrix legs, heads and arms, and the odd Hinchliffe and Front Rank officer. 

As you can see, the light was so bad today that the indoor pics were coming out too dark, so I took a handful outside to get a better look.

(Left to right) Privates John Naggs (Canterbury, Kent), William Crouch (Barford, Wilts - wounded), William Spademan (Stamford, Lincs - died of wounds 14th July), John Goldup (Wye, Kent),

(Left to right)  Private Joseph Oliver (Stonesfield, Oxon), Corporal Edward Haysmore (Chatham, Kent), Private William Austin (Appledoze, Kent - killed in action), Private Edward Clements (Chesterton, Northants)

Sunday 2 October 2011

1st Foot (Royal Scots) - Grenadier company

Here's an update on how the 1st Foot are coming along. This week I finished the Grenadier company - I hate those winged epaulettes! 
Here they are, added to the previous finished companies

 The Grenadier company was commanded by Captain William Gordon, just visible here at the rear, next to Serjeant George Russell.
The casualty at the front is Private John Phillips, a wheelwright from Carmarthen, who was killed in action on 18th June.