Sunday 10 April 2011

28th Foot (North Gloucestershire)

Following a hard day's fight at QB it seems unlikely the 28th numbered more than 400 at the outset of 18th June. We are still quite a long way off that number but a quick count this morning reveals 6 centre companies mostly complete, with the grenadier company complete and the skirmishing light company about halfway there. They will be in square so, as always, it's getting enough kneeling men that is the problem. If anyone reading this has any spares they'd like to sell...

The 28th were a mix of Irish (47%) and West Country (42% coming from Devon, Somerset, or Cornwall). Reflecting this concoction somewhat, my regiment is a mix of 4 main makes - 2 companies are Elite, 3 are Foundry, 1 is Essex, and 1, on the left below, is Victrix. I will probably complete the missing companies with more Victrix - I love the variety they provide.

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