Monday 2 May 2011

40th (2nd Somersetshire) Foot - No.1 Company

Work in progress on a company of 40th Foot. Hate buff facings and straps, very hard to get right. Also took these pics as the sun was going down, so light not good. Enough excuses.

Number 1 Company had a nominal strength of 79 on 18th June. (so you can guess around 65 men in reality) - 32 pictured here. As the regiment was only moved into position late in the day (so maybe the long shadows are appropriate) it suffered relatively few casualties, and this company was especially lucky - only 6 men were casualties, with only two dying of wounds - Corporal John Smith and Private John Tatchell.


Below are Captain Edward Cole Bowen, who commanded No.1 Company,  Serjeant Joseph Richenberg,  Drummer Alexander Hillman, and Ensign JL Wall.

Serjeant Richenberg was an Italian born in Naples who had transferred into the regiment from the Chasseurs Britanniques, the cavalry regiment in British service whose ranks had originally been filled with Royalist French.  He continued to serve in the 40th Foot until 1830 when he was discharged to pension aged 40, intending to set up a new life in New South Wales.


  1. Wow! This is an amazing project. I'll be tuning in to see your progress regularly.

    Interesting personal history you found about the Neapolitan sergeant. Does your research indicate if he ever made his way to our sunny shores Down Under?

  2. I agree, an amazing project, it most be quite fascinating to have a personality for each figure. I am also amazed at your progress.

    Nice painting,


  3. Many thanks for the comments gents.

    Rosbif, I found the name Richenberg in modern NSW but suppose that's not conclusive.

    John, I have incorporated some of your Hanovarian leftovers into my ranks (e.g. officer with shako under arm), and will put them on here when I've painted them.

  4. I have some spare kneeling figures. Early shako though , butyou are welcome to have them , contact me through my blog or or via Deedles on Steve Dean forum

  5. That's amazingly kind of you Dave! I've sent you a mail on the Steve Dean site

  6. Deschuytener Eric13 October 2013 at 08:57

    Bonjour; désolé mais je ne parle pas anglais; très joli travail !! Je suis à la recherche des soldats de Waterloo et par conséquent; si vous aviez des renseignements sur les hommes du 40ème Foot, je suis preneur !

    Deschuytener Eric
    Mon site :
    Sur l'armée française mais bientôt aussi l'armée britannique