Wednesday 6 April 2011

92nd Foot update

Lots of work recently on the charge of the Gordons at Waterloo. After Quatre Bras estimates of nominal strength were not more than 20 men per company. Here each company is 18 men (one entire company is still missing) while the flank companies are 24 men, which leaves me in the insane position of having TOO MANY figures for 1:1. Arrrghh!
The great majority are the very wonderful Victrix, including the Light company. The Grenadier company are a mix of Perry, Foundry, and Front Rank. The chap above is an old Hinchliffe figure with Victrix arms added.

A Foundry officer with a Victrix head.

Still a huge amount to be done, including the acursed yellow stripes of the Gordons through every kilt! But generally feeling quite pleased with the way these are coming along.

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