Saturday 25 May 2013

95th Rifles - work in progress - Part 3

Nearly finished now - just need to do plumes (which I'm going to do in a much lighter green) and some other details such as the canteen straps.
I love basing  figs and am constantly fighting an urge to base them before they are properly finished. Also, my current lack of space means that a unit of based figs takes up a lot more room than those which are still loose - so I'm hesitating. It makes more sense to just put these away and move on to the next unit but...I just bought a load of grass tufts! We'll have to see.

I put thirty canteen and backpack decals on these guys. I'm not sure what I think of the results, they are great decals but at this scale you are either a) too far away to even see them or b) so close up that you can see very clearly every wrinkle, crease, shine etc. i.e. the decal is very obvious.  I might just leave the rest - again not sure.

I've had a lot of fun with this unit - about half are Foundry, Front Rank and Perry metals, but the rest are made up of the bodies of Perry plastic riflemen, grafted onto all manner of Perry and Victrix legs with a variety of converted heads. The officer here, for example, is a Victrix head and officer body with a Perry hussar pelisse.


  1. Looking really very good! I do like the look of the officer.

  2. Really successful unit and I know what you mean about the decals; they look pretty good from here though.

  3. I've never seen such a large unit of Rifles; they look most impressive!

  4. This is pretty mega. I noticed in the last posts that you'd used the Perry plastic infantrymen, but hadn't realised the added effort of using Victrix etc parts. What a labour of love!

    Best wishes