Sunday 19 May 2013

95th Rifles - work in progress Part 2

Just an update - they're coming along nicely and quite pleased so far. I asked for some help r.e. undercoating and varnish on the Steve Dean forum and received some very useful advice - I'm so used to working with plastics where the paint never chips off and needs no varnish, that all these metals were quite tricky at first (of the 65 men about 30 are metal). But now, thanks to the matt Daler Rowney varnish which I bought, things are much better. I'm very grateful for the advice, and increasingly I can see that the difference between terrible figs and beautiful figs has very little to do with an individual's skill but rather, is pretty much down to what you know.
Anyway, here are a couple more pics of Number 1 company, 2nd Battalion Rifles. Still plenty to be done but much, much quicker than all those damned redcoats!


  1. Good to hear that you are making continued progress, a splendid unit of men SIr.

  2. Brilliant my favourite blog!
    Well done