Saturday 6 April 2013

40th Foot - part 3 - nearly there

On it goes - broken the back of the buggers now and the end is (maybe) in sight.
I'm still not sure how to base them - I think I'm going to have to have one row kneeling (not 2 as I know was correct) and 3 rows standing. At the moment I have a front rank kneeling, second rank firing or presenting, third rank with muskets raised skyward and fourth rank either at the ready or resting. I'd welcome anyone's thoughts on this.

 As always, still plenty to be done - but at least most of the incredibly tedious lace is now finished.

One of the best accounts of the 40th comes from Serjeant William Lawrence of the Grenadier company - I fancy this might be him in the centre of the pic. He served with the 40th in South America, the Peninsula and 1815. His writing is very much an infantryman's point of view - he spends as many pages describing the finding and preparation of a ham and two chickens after the battle as he does in the combat itself.


  1. I am amazed at the sheer insanity of this project. I'm glad this particular type of mania exists; and equally glad that I don't suffer from it.

    This is coming along nicely. They look great.

  2. Crazy! and I love it. Great work!

  3. I wouldn't mind if they were badly painted but they all look immaculate! Well done!

  4. Fantastic - I just don't understand how you can do it but keep it up!

  5. Thank you very much for all your kind words guys! They really keep me going!

  6. I keep searching in the photos for a ham and two chickens!
    Astounding work, and very inspirational

    Thanks man!

  7. Foss, I want to stick a chicken on somewhere now!

  8. Amazing! Magnificent project! Do you have my ancestor there? Joseph James.