Sunday 3 March 2013

40th Foot part 2

On it goes...nothing to see here, move along please...

At the back you can see a mounted colonel. Unfortunately colonels are the only choice we collectors of British 28mm Napoleonics get - Perry make 2, Victrix make 2, and Front rank make 3.

So to keep every unit unique I've put a Perry head (covered shako) on a Victrix Colonel.  This doesn't solve the problem of Adjutants (who were usually Lieutenants and also mounted). Every British infantry battalion had a mounted adjutant yet nobody makes such figures which seems odd when you consider some of the more obscure figures which are produced.

The 40th would actually have had at least 3 mounted officers, none of whom were colonels - Major Arthur Hayland (who was killed), Major Fielding Browne, and the adjutant, Lieutenant William Manning. So I'll need to get to work on two conversions to make these two other chaps - I bought some Front Rank horses last week with specifically this project in mind and I shall post updates here.


  1. Hi. Not sure if this is a help at all but I came across this list today

    It features another mounted officer and a chap kneeling at the ready in the British Line Infantry list.

  2. Thanks for that but £1.30 is actually 20p more expensive per figure than the Perrys!

  3. Ive just come across this great site and had a pleasant surprise to see our ancestor Adj William Manning being recreated!