Sunday 20 May 2012

Ears burning

One of the interesting features of the Blogger interface is the ability to see the most popular traffic sources. Recently this has led to me stumbling across three different forums discussing my humble blog!  So a big hello and thank you to the Devon Wargames group

the Sheffield Wargames forum

and the Warlord Games forum

There have many kind and complimentary comments, so thank you!

What is a bit weird is finding my income, marital status, level of sanity (or lack of), etc being discussed online!
So, for the record:
a) I'm not married but I live with my partner of 10 years and she very patiently puts up with my obsession. Actually, to my immense shame and embarrasment she can now distinguish between Victrix/Perry/Foundry/Front Rank figures - that's the degree to which she has born the brunt of my tedious wittering.

b) I haven't won the lottery and I'm certainly not rich by anyone's standards! I teach English as a foreign language - one of the worst paid professions in the world. I have certainly spent more of my income on figures than I would care to calculate BUT 1) I ONLY do this - other people have collections of many periods, scales etc whereas I've put all my eggs in one basket 2) I rarely buy figures new - the great majority have come from ebay and often are about 30p per foot figure and never more than 90p for a cavalry man.
When I HAVE bought new figures I have usually made use of deals such as Caliver Books who provide a good discount.
Steve at Victrix has been really kind and sent me some extra kneeling figures that he had lying around to make up my squares - it's kneeling figures I need folks! If anyone has any leftover I'll happily buy them from you!
I haven't done any flags yet, I'm leaving them to the end as the kind of cherry on the cake and I once got a very nice email from Flags of War offering to help out when that times comes.
I was hoping the Perry's might help out a bit - I've put together some pretty large units of their British hussars - but I guess they're pretty busy and I don't want to hassle them with begging!
I've also had a very supportive email from Dave Taylor at Wargames Illustrated but I somehow managed to delete all my inbox so, if you're reading this Dave, please get in touch again!

c) of course I have no realistic chance of ever getting this project finished for 2015 but I'm having fun trying. Where I'm going to put them all? Well at the moment I live in a tiny flat in London (is there any other kind) and  each unit - in their varying states of completion - lives in its own cardboard box in a cupboard in the bedroom. I suppose, if I fantasise, I can imagine moving out to the country one day where perhaps a barn lies waiting for the whole force to stand on display...


  1. Enjoy yourself Martin! thats what it is about.

  2. I'm impressed by your dedication & knowledge, love the blog.
    Keep going :)

  3. Lord Hill,

    Just wanted to thank you for a great responce to our observations and banter at Devon Wargames Group. I know all the guys in the club wish you well with this project and as you can banter with the best of them, please feel free to visit any time you come to our "neck of the woods"
    kind regards

    Devon Wargames Group

  4. Thanks guys! Very kind comments.
    Jonathan - I would love to come down to Devon one day and see your group in action. Andrew has got in touch and kindly offered some kneeling figs to swap, so many thanks again.