Saturday 5 May 2012

32nd (Cornwall) Foot - work in progress

Thought I'd put up some pics of what I'm working on, and to reassure people that those hussars didn't finish me once and for all. This is the 32nd Foot in line - I have decided to do the whole of Kempt's brigade in line, mainly as I can't get enough kneeling figures to do any more squares! 


Shot up terribly at Quatre Bras the normal 10 company battalion was reduced at Waterloo to six makeshift "division", so lacking were they in officers and NCOs. This helps! It means I only have to paint about 300 men!

The left "division" consisting of the combined flank companies.


One of the things that has been taking up a lot of time has been  redoing all the faces of this unit.  I'd actually finished the 32nd's faces a long time ago but, over the last year, I've improved quite a bit at faces (entirely thanks to Oniria), and the old standard now looked so awful to my eyes that I had to go back and redo them all!

I just hope it's not like the Firth of Forth bridge and, by the time these are done, I'll want to go back and redo them again! Nooooooo!

still boss-eyed and won't win any prizes but, en masse, I can live with these now
   The line is too long for my table so some have had to be squeezed into a third rank.

There's still plenty to do, tidying up, washes, highlighting needed on every figure here before I can even start thinking about basing- but I'm pleased with the way they are going. Sorry pics are a bit dark - that's the weather in England for you.


  1. Although I had taken on board the enormity of the project it's photographs like the above that illustrate just how amazing this is. Fantastic work Sir!

  2. Phew! Fantastic. How many minis in that unit? I was feeling too smug about my 36-man battalions, no longer. ;-)


  3. Once more, the pictures are really impressive! A great work!