Friday 30 December 2011

30th Foot

Work on the Hussars has been put on hold while I wait for the bases. I ordered them online and am looking forward to getting down to basing. In the meantime I've been messing about - between mince pies - with a bit of battlefield debris to add to the bases.

Need to do the pompom but quite pleased with these - my first and possibly last two Frenchmen. If any buffs out there notice any glaring errors (not my field) please let me know!

For Christmas I got this excellent book on Quatre Bras. I have only dipped into it so far but it seems very well written and even includes a few British accounts which I was hitherto unaware of.

Just flicking through, one of the most interesting details which I came across was reference to the confusion the 30th Foot caused by their wearing of white trews - being mistaken for the some Guards battalions (who were also wearing white instead of grey).
 Glad I read this before painting hundreds of them wrong! Also means I'll be able to identify the 30th at a glance and distinguish them from the 44th (who had the same facings). According to my master plan I shall be doing both regiments using mostly Victrix so it's nice to avoid having two identical units, keeps me from getting so bored when painting!

Decided to do a quick company of the 30th (much reduced after Quatre Bras) to see what they would look like.

I want to add a light grey wash to the trousers and then muddy them up quite a bit but for the moment I'm quite pleased.

Here is Serjeant Thomas Kettlin, killed at Waterloo. He's a hybrid of Victrix and Perry parts.

 The next posting will hopefully be the completed and based 10th Hussar troop.  Happy New Year!

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