Sunday 11 December 2011

10th Hussars Flloyd's Troop - Week 2

Step 14. Lots of different details this week- shako plate, intricate little cuff design (aaargh!), grey saddle blanket, red part of plume, saddle roll. This last should contain the regimental number (in this case X LD) but this will just look terrible if I attempt it and so I will wait for someone to one day bring out decals!

Step 15. Basic coat for the horses in a variety of browns...

...and grey for Trumpeter Oliver James

Step 16. Finish plume and tidy up shako.

 I used a gloss red for the shako top to give that laquered card look, as the previous matt looked too dull

 Nearly all the shakos needed tidying up where the white of the rim had crept up onto the top.

Step 19: black trim of the pelisse followed by a dark grey drybrushing to pick out the detail of the fur.
It's easy to miss details on new figures and I'd advise spending a bit more time than I did before diving in. Here you can see how I completely missed a segment of the gold frogging (bottom right, between the two cuffs) - so will have to go back and do it again. I also messed up in missing that the officers' pelisses are actually different - a bit more ornate - and have stuck them on other ranks, so will have to sort them out later. Hey ho!
A week of Christmas drinking ahead and doubt I'll get much painting done but will post any progress soon!

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