Monday 28 September 2015

Making Belgians

I'm not talking about Mr & Mrs Tintin, but rather using up some spare bits and bobs to make Belgian line infantry, and some Belgian heavy cavalry.
The line infantry is simple enough - British bodies and shakos with French arms and packs.

 I took a soldering iron to the lace above their waists, although, to be honest, the result is probably no better than just removing it with a sharp knife.

If anyone reading this has any spare French marching arms, please get in touch and I can buy from you, or swap for any plastic parts you're looking for.

Next up are the 2nd Carabineers. As I understand it, the 2nd Carabineers were Belgian and wore helmets while the 1st and 3rd Regiments were dutch and wore bicornes. To make these I used French dragoons with French Carabineer heads. They wore blankets (or greatcoats?) rolled over their shoulders so I made these using green stuff which turned out to be quite easy.

Belgian helmets were slightly different to these French ones in that they had a lion's head moulded to the front, but I will have to do my best to replicate this with the paintbrush.

 Maybe one day I can make some Dutch Carabineers using some of the hundreds of spare bicorne heads I have!

Each box of Perry French dragoons has only 3 elite figures with epaulettes so I bolstered these by adding epaulettes to figures, simply cutting a square into the shoulder and then adding an epaulette from a spare French flank infantry arm. I don't think this surgery will be noticable once they are all painted.

I really enjoyed making these conversions, they were a welcome distraction from the mass of 92nd Highlanders which I'm working to complete. More on that to follow.


  1. Could be lot of work at your ambitious scale my Lord, but they are looking good and I look forward to seeing the finished results.

  2. Thanks chaps! Anthony, how are those light dragoons coming along?

  3. Not content with the task of painting 23000 infantry, you thought you would convert some figures for Belgians ? I'd have been scared by the initial project, let alone making it more difficult !
    Excellent work as usual.