Saturday 18 January 2014

69th Foot - Light Company

Work on Halkett's brigade continues with the Light Company of the 69th (South Lincolnshire) Foot. I put them all on one base as I will eventually with the light companies of the 30th, 33rd and 69th with whom they skirmished as a "Flank Battalion" at Waterloo under the command of Major Charles Vigoureux of the 30th.

Of the 59 men of the Light Company 24 were casualties with 8 of those killed or dying or wounds; a casualty rate of 41% (which would in fact be higher were the number of rear echelon men taken into account). Of the 8 men killed 5 were English, 2 were Scottish and 1 was Irish.

 In the foreground we can see Corporal Richard Williams of Rathdrum, Wicklow - one of the older men in this young regiment, aged 41. Behind him comes bugler Thomas Walsh, another Irishman from Cavan.

Private William Watkins from Norwich. Killed at Waterloo.

 The figs are mostly Victrix with a few Perry legs and arms thrown in for variety.


  1. They look great - I especially like the chap second from the right in the front row - I'd never have guessed some of them were by Victrix, I imagine there has been a good bit of chopping and glueing going on. Wouldn't they have operated in pairs though (or possibly in groups of four)?