Sunday 15 December 2013

Analogue Hobbies Painting Competition

Have spent the last few weeks doing some Highland reinforcements for the 42nd, 79th and 92nd - I'd forgotten how long these take, on top of the usual fiddly British lace there's the tartan kilt, the diced band around the socks and the checkered band around the bonnet. I'm still only half-way through.

The majority of my time, however, has been spent undercoating figs in preparation for Curt's amazing painting challenge I undercoat each fig by hand so it has taken quite a while!
It's my first time doing anything like this and I'm really looking forward to it (today, 15th Dec is the start day). I've given myself a target total of 1200 but have no idea if that is realistic or not - whatever, I'm hoping it will drive me on to get more done, and that's the main purpose of the "competition" I think!

My main project will be to do the whole of Halkett's Brigade at Waterloo. This was made of the 30th, 33rd, 69th and 73rd. Unfortunately (for them) they were almost annihilated at Quatre Bras and thus at Waterloo (fortunately for me) were so reduced in number that they could only be amalgamated into 2 squares instead of 4.
In the past I've mixed Victrix and Perry but recently I've started making "pure" units - the 4th are entirely Perry, example. For Halkett's men 99% of the figs are Victrix (Steve or Julian, if you're reading this, yes I WOULD love some decals for this lot! :)).

Obviously, after these 800 or so redcoats I'm going to need a nice change so I've lined up a number of "carrots" to work towards. These are:

  •  a unit of Hanovarian sharpshooters from Westfalia Miniatures and some Perry plastics (thanks Stefan!) plus some 95th Rifes - nice and easy green and black, in terms of painting like going to a relaxing spa when compared to redcoats (especially Highlanders!)

  • a bunch of "retreat from Moscow" French - this is a very naughty project as I will be straying from my 1815 project and feels like cheating on a girlfriend. But I love the new Perry retreat figs and have scratchbuilt a whole load of figs to add to that range.

I think I'll have fun painting these but mustn't get too attached as I shall be trying to sell them to fund more 1815 British cavalry!
  •  Other carrots include some RA or RHA and some Lifeguards

and a scratchbuilt wagon full of wounded from Halkett's Brigade

A massive thank you to Curt for organising the competition - I am frankly amazed at the amount of work he must be putting in, I find it hard enough to manage to update this blog more than a couple of times a month.  Speaking of which, I've been doing this all morning when I should be starting on the painting (!)...but wait a minute...Herself is saying we have to go out shopping...and then visit some family...and then do some DIY...and then some more shopping.... maybe tomorrow then!


  1. Great to see such a target. And a slight diversion as well.. Good luck with it all...

  2. I am looking forward to seeing these roll of the table

  3. That are a whole lot of figures to be painted! Looking forward to the retreat from Moscow figures!
    Good luck in the challenge!


  4. Staggering, simply staggering amount of British! Love that wagon of wounded - the straw inside looks comfy! Best, Dean

  5. That is quite impressive. It'll be fun to watch your progress in the challenge. That looks to be over 1600 painting points.

  6. Fabulous to have you aboard Sir, really looking forward to seeing the masses march off the painting table - very best of luck.

  7. Good lord that is something to see! I can't believe you undercoat by hand!

  8. Sounds like a very challenging goal. Good luck with it.

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Undercoating is one thing but finishing them...well that's something else entirely. Mind you, have you seen the weather outside today??!!

  10. A labour of love and fine work done by yourself.
    The waggon and other transport vehicles are very essential for this period, great build. Can you give me some dimensions for the wagon please. Look forward to more transport vehicles when you get time.