Sunday 7 July 2013

Scots Greys (2) update

Still working at these - I'm quite pleased with the gauntlets and plumes now that they've been painted up. I got a few late reinforcements off ebay and they've been added.

This might be the last weekend I get to do any painting for a while so thought I had better post something!  P.S. If anyone reading this has any "spare" heavy cavalry (dragoons, life guards etc.) by Front Rank, Perrys or Foundry - I'd be very interested in paying you for them. They will be very welcome!


  1. Could there be a more impressive sight? Stunning Sir.

  2. I've followed this blog for approaching 2 years & continue to be impressed by your efforts.
    When you first started I put the link on our club website and it generated much discussion in our group. Comments ranged from "wow" to "he's a loony". I confess I thought you would have given up by now, beaten by the enormity of the task. Full marks that you haven't.
    Keep them coming !

  3. The mass is very, very impressive. A great project.

  4. As always, many thanks for your kind encouragement.
    Vince, what is the club website? I'd like too read that discussion! Don't worry, I'm used to the loony comments. I pretty much agree!