Wednesday 2 January 2013

Camerons - finished! I promise!

Ok this is the last time I bore you with these guys - I spent the last few days basing them and adding the names of each man to the bases. Even having deducted those known to have been casualties at Quatre Bras there are still over a hundred individuals missing - something to come back to I hope.

Here they are company by company:

No. 1 Company - Commanded by Lt Ewan Cameron (both the senior officers had been wounded at Quatre Bras). (51% casualties)

No. 2 Company - Captain John Cameron has been fatally wounded at Quatre Bras. (50% casualties)

No.3 Company - Commanded by Captain Peter Innes. (49% casualties)

No. 4 Company - Commanded by Lt McPhee - he had been slightly wounded at Quatre Bras but took command at Waterloo. (53% casualties)

No.5 Company (Grenadiers) - Captain Neil Campbell had already been wounded at Quatre Bras and was then killed at Waterloo. (61% casualties)

N0. 6 Company - Commanded by Captain Robert Mackay at Quatre Bras until he was captured. Captain John Sinclair took command of the company at Waterloo and was killed. (46% casualties)

No.7 Company - Commanded by Captain James Campbell who was wounded at Waterloo. (52% casualties)

No.8 Company - commanded by Lt John Powling who died of his wounds in England in October. (44% casualties)

No.9 Company -  Suffered the heaviest casualties of any company at Waterloo. (72% casualties)

No. 10 Company (Light) - Company commander Captain William Marshall had lost an arm at Quatre Bras. (53% casualties)

Command base - flags still to be added. In foreground is Piper Kenneth McKay and Serjeant Major Masteron McIntosh.

Each individual is labelled on the base. Pink lettering = wounded, red = killed or died of wounds.

Not enough space for one long firing line so here they are in 3 lines.

All of the battalion's drummers (except those with the flank companies) stood together behind No.8 company.

Sorry for terrible pics - I wanted to get this done and couldn't wait for any decent light in London. Had the lights on since lunchtime so no chance of taking them outside!


  1. All that tartan! Just mind blowing! They look straight out of a scene from the film Waterloo!

  2. As always this is a combination of brilliant and utterly mad. Congratulations on getting these guys done.

  3. Wonderful - great to see a completed unit.

  4. Very impressive to see a unit all based and I love the detail about the men.


  5. Stunning work!!! That is a lot of tartan to paint, and the Cameron tartan is not the easiest either. Very well done. Lovely to see a unit like this.

  6. Still gobsmacked, what a beautiful unit. Thanks again

  7. Wonderful work.

    Did the Camerons have a Drum Major?

    Thanks for sharing your project.



  8. Excellent looking minis! The overall impresion is really impressive!

  9. Thanks very much for the comments everyone!
    Helen, oddly the 79th didn't have a drum major with them.

  10. That is one magnificent obsession, you have there!