Sunday 14 October 2012

79th Cameron update 14th October

I've been pressing on with the 79th and have got to the stage where I've been checking the numbers I've got versus against those actually present - for example the numbers of officers, serjeants, and drummers in each company. I found, for example, that I'm short of several serjeants in the grenadier company so have put together a couple more and undercoated them. Not sure I can face painting any more tartan for a while though!

 some centre company men

 Grenadier Company
 Light Company
These are the bases I used for my hussars - 12cm x 16cm. 

I like the size and I'm going to get some more, cut lengthways, to use for my 79th. Each section will therefore be 6cm x 16cm and hold 2 files - 16 men in all. 

For those units which I'm depicting in square there is enough space for 3 ranks.

For light companies out skirmishing I might use a whole 12cm x 16cm for just 16 men.


  1. Well done so far. When I ever manage to finish my Black Wath then the Camarons will follow.

    Well... Adter a reasonable break from tartans...


  2. Agreed. They look wonderful.

    Best Regards,


  3. Are you cross-eyed yet?!

    Wonderful painting! This project keeps getting better and better!

  4. I'm always impressed from your work. Excellent.