Sunday 16 September 2012

79th Camerons - Sep 16th

Have you ever painted nothing but white for two weeks? I wouldn't recommend it. Despite a lot of work there is still a hell of a lot more to do.

I doubt that there exists an infantry figure of any army of any period that takes more time to paint than a Cameron Higlander flank company man - the kilts alone take an age, then you've got the lace on the tunic, then the hugely irritating winged epaulettes, then the highland band around the socks,  then the highland band around the bonnet... I keep thinking about how much easier French or Prussians would be. What I'd give for a nice greatcoat and trousers, I reckon I could get 10 French figures done for every bastard from the 79th Foot.

Enough moping - I'm enjoying myself really.


  1. Still looking amazing! I doubt anyone else has ever painted that many Highlanders... Ever!


  2. Yes at a 1:20 ratio, you would have done every highland regiment in the Napoleonic wars 3 times over.


  3. A staggering achievement, but keep going Sir.

  4. loving your dedication i'am doing roughly 50 fig's for each regiment on both allied and french sides and it's hard work i recently lost my job b'cos of degenerating discs in my neck and lower spine i love the hobby but cannot dedicate as much time cos of chronic pain.keep up the good work and please have a look at my site i'am only learning so don't be to harsh on my painting.keep up the good work