Sunday 17 June 2012

Sandham's Battery 17th June

Tomorrow being the anniversary (and today being Genappe!) I thought I should post something, so here is a little update of Sandham's Battery.  They've been a real pleasure to do, not only in terms of colour - BLUE! such a nice break from all that scarlet - but also the figures - Victrix/old Foundry/Perry - all in different poses and a joy to paint.

Still lots to do but happy with them so far - though I don't think I'll ever get that yellow braiding right.

Incidentally, every uniform source I have bottles out of showing the jacket tails arrangement - presemably because nobody really knows. But if anyone reading this could point me to a nice pic of what the back of the jacket looks like I'd be very grateful!

Thanks for looking and Happy Anniversary tomorrow.


  1. What fabulous progress; I love the swarthy look on some of the chaps.

  2. Lord Hill, I wish you joy of the day, sir!

    Rather like his Duke seeing off the French "in the same old way" I plan to open a half bottle of vintage Port and that off "in the same old way."

    I'm very impressed at your productivity - that is a prodigious amount of good painting in a week or so!

    I'm not sure what you mean by "jacket tails arrangement" - my understanding was that the Royal Foot Artillery wore jackets of the same pattern as the infantry but with reversed colours - so blue jackets, red turnbacks.


    Does that help?

  4. Thanks very much for the comments and help guys!

    Michael - i've been working on that 5 o'clock shadow!

    Little Armies - there looks like all manner of intricate designs on the back of the artilleymen figs which I'm not familiar with, but can't find any non-backpack pics of the rear of the jackets.

  5. This link gives a picture of an officers coat, allegedly worn circa 1815: