Sunday 26 February 2012

18th Hussars update

Haven't been able to do much recently but they're coming along slowly.

Still need to do: gloves, busby bag, swords, horses, saddle furniture, bits and reins, carbine, cuff details (arrgh), plume (white bit), pellisse braiding, red inner of pelisse, and probably tons more! In fact, after just writing that I think I'm going to go and have a little lie down...

The "Drogheda Light Horse"

 This will be No.5 Troop I think, with a nominal strength at Waterloo of 65 men, 13 of whom (20%) were casualties. They were commanded by Lieutenant James Waldie.


  1. This is just an incredible project Lord Hill! I'm amazed by it in every way. Could you please contact me at: tanithtaylor at gmail dot com?

    I'm interested in us discussing something collaborative with Wargames Illustrated (of which I'm the US Editor).

    Dave Taylor