Sunday 2 October 2011

1st Foot (Royal Scots) - Grenadier company

Here's an update on how the 1st Foot are coming along. This week I finished the Grenadier company - I hate those winged epaulettes! 
Here they are, added to the previous finished companies

 The Grenadier company was commanded by Captain William Gordon, just visible here at the rear, next to Serjeant George Russell.
The casualty at the front is Private John Phillips, a wheelwright from Carmarthen, who was killed in action on 18th June.


  1. Very nice as usual, how many figures have you painted so far what is the basing plan.


  2. Hi John, that's a difficult question as I haven't really finished any yet - only about 40 are based - about half have been undercoated, a few hundred are probably nearly complete (bar the basing), and another huge amount lie shiny and reproachful in the original metalic state! I find the "little by little" without ever finishing a unit completely is the approach which best suits my psyche. The project is just too daunting if I think of the number of hours it will all take, but "nibbling" away at a constantly changing lineup keeps me relatively fresh. I started doing some Rifles this weekend - a lovely change, without any of that ******* white lace and webbing! What are you working on at the moment?

  3. Indeed very inspiring.

    Can't wait to see them on some sort of base.