Monday 5 September 2011

1st Royal Scots

New project for this month (why finish something properly  when you can just move on and start something new?) - 1st Foot (Royal Scots) in sqaure. Badly shot up at Quatre Bras they were much reduced for Waterloo.
Here is this month's task - get cracking on this square - I started a couple of companies ages ago but my painting has got better in the interim and I want to go back and redo most of them.
The vast majority of the figs are the very excellent Victrix, bolstered with a few Perrys, and a smattering of Eagle to make up the front row (any leftover kneeling figs anyone?).

This weekend I really feel I made a breakthrough with painting faces. Previously, in every hundred  figures maybe 4 (by fluke) were ok, 50 were passable, and the rest were poor.  Now, however, I feel I have finally cracked faces and, though they are still miles away from the likes of Oniria (whose tutorial was key), I feel much more confident and am very pleased with the improved consistancy.

The grenadier company serjeant below is a conversion - adding a pike to a grenadier arm (neither Victrix nor Perry  make a plastic grenadier serjeant).  The offiicer to his right is another hybrid - Perry head, Victrix body, Perry right arm, Victrix left arm (from the Highlanders set).


  1. I never fail to be amazed by this project. Great stuff.


  2. Lots of figurines! This really feels right.

  3. Cheers John, how are your Napoleonics coming along?

  4. Excellents stuff , keep it up!