Thursday, 19 July 2012

79th Camerons

So this is the worst English summer on record. It's not so much the rain as the DARKNESS which is making life so glum!  For the last few weeks I've had the light on from as early as 11am - I might as well go and live in Greenland. On the plus side, however, I've been able to use the atrocious lack of light as an excusse for my latest batch of poor painting. My Artillery Drivers didn't come out as I'd hoped and so, until the sun shows it's face again, I've abandoned doing any fine detail work. Instead I thought I'd do a mass of undercoating.

Ever since I finished the Black Watch and Gordons I've had the nagging thought at the back of my mind - "Oh God, the Camerons..."  just the thought of doing yet another couple hundreds kilts, and intricate white lace...every time I took out the box I'd have a long look at them, then sigh and put them back. The first mental hurdle was the mere thought of undercoating that many of the blighters. But now that hurdle is cleared and I'm looking forward to getting started on them.

The table isn't long enough to fit a single firing line so, for the moment,  there are some companies in a second row.  Each company is 30 strong not including their serjeants, officers, and drummers.

Looking forward to adding a couple of these fellows to the ranks when they become available.

Five 8-horse teams of Artillery drivers trot past in the background. These photos were taken at midday - gives an idea of how dark it has been.

This will probably be the last bit of work I can do for this project until the Olympics are over. I have family coming to stay from Australia and things are going to be pretty hectic and crowded for 3 weeks - probably not the best time to fill the kitchen with paints, brushes and small metal Scotsmen. 


  1. Jeepers. Just one or two them then.
    I can see the "rude Highlanders" being popular when they are available.
    Look forward to seeing the completed Camerons.

  2. My word that is going to be an awful lot of tartan! I was tempted by the rude Highlanders as well and have put my name down for a couple; just too good to miss.

  3. It may be quicker to fund reasearch into tartan paint...

    brave man. well done so far

  4. On one of your previous entries you mentioned you would like some info on the correct way to "line up" an infantry battalion. Here is a copy of the 1807 regulations - I think what you are looking for is from page 57 onwards:

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Camerons. What was their strength at Belle Alliance anyway? Also not sure if you're aware that the "rude highlanders" indeed are available here:

    Looking forward to see those Highlanders finished.

  6. Little Armies, that is a fantastic link. You must be telepathic as I was actually thinking about looking for just such a document today, so many, many thanks.

    Schumpkopf - casualties at Quatre Bras meant the Cameron's nominal strength cannot have been more than 470 on 18th June. Deduct an estimated further 20% absent with wounded etc and I reckon my companies of 38 men will not be far off reality. Your wonderful rude Higlanders arrived very promptly a few days ago, thank you. They have already joined their comrades in the ranks and I'll put some pics up when I can.

    I've been head down, ploughing through the mountain of tartan for the last week. I actually quite enjoy doing the kilts, it's the endless amounts of white lace that still lies before me that I find so daunting. But I will not give up! Updates with pics in the next few days I hope.