Sunday 12 February 2012

10th Hussars finished

Here they are at last - I actually finished the painting last year but it has taken this long to a) buy bases and b) get my internet working again!

On the plus side I'm happy with the overall effect, and I really like the outdoor pics with the real sky! To me it's almost the perspective of some unfortunate French voltigeur!

On the negative I'm not so happy with the bases, it was my first try and I'm going to go back and do some more work on them as some of the original bases of the horses are visible through the "mud" which won't do.  Anyway, it's a troop from the 18th Hussars next! Coming soon.

Front rank – Troop Serjeant Major Joseph Warren, Captain Henry Floyd, Corporal Edward Swindon, Privates John Palmer, John Taylor (k), Samuel Deacon (k), Joseph Gaunt, Samuel Stanley, John Horton, John Watmore, Thomas Rose, George Lane, Thomas Tanner, James Ashwin (k), Ambrose Maby, Thomas Mumford, John Dowling (k), Joshua Wade, Joseph Wyatt (k), John Morley, Henry Webb, Henry Lee, Corporal Jesse Lucas, Lieutenant William Slayter Smith

Second rank – Serjeant John Tritton, Privates Edward Exall, John Tate (k), John Buss, Richard Thomas, George Littler, John Rolph, Edward Rosewell (k), Charles Wheeler, Henry Mill, John Manly, John Hoole, John Roberts, Thomas Gadson (k), Charles Porter (k), Robert Swingler (k), Henry Gander (k), John Harrison, John Snell, William Elling, William Turner, William Cole, John Farman, William Shawe


  1. Simply marvelous to see well done

  2. Very nice.

    Your project is magnificent, if insane! Have you thought about seeking out several equally insane Frenchmen, Belgians and Germans to help with the other contingents?

    I wonder, how wide would a table need to be, to display the British force at 1:1?

    Cheers, Simon

  3. Wow! That is a tremendous sight, unless of course you are a French Voltigeur! The final few photographs really do capture the drama perfectly.

  4. Fantastic second pic from the end could be a renactment!!!great shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the comments guys, reallyy appreciated.

    Simon I have no idea how big a table would need to be, I imagine we're probably talking garden width rather than table width!

  6. Hi Lh, if you could find the actual frontage across which the British deployed, and divide by around 50, you'd be about there. Perhaps 40 yards or so? Not impossible...

  7. Hi.
    Regarding the 10th at Waterloo and Captain Floyds troop. You have missed out Sergeant Charles( Chas) Bucke.