Saturday, 19 November 2011

28mm Square 1-1 - Royal Scots - update

Been trying to get this finished but been busy recently.
Here are some pics - still plenty of little bits and bobs to finish, correct.

Have been working on these (unfinished) Light company this week - they wore a bugle not a shako plate and had a metal "1" which I've had real trouble trying to replicate. Hopefully, someone will come up with some decals soon!

Grenadier Company

It's interesting, I think, to see how rectangular "squares" actually were.

Next up - need to do lots of tidying up, add a mounted officer, some flags, and add a few missing figs - Light Company front row for example - will then think about basing.


  1. Looking good Martin, well done.

  2. Wow! looks great!

    How large an area do you anticipate the whole display is going to cover once it's finished?

  3. Thanks chaps! Rosbif, that's an interesting question - I guess I haven't really thought that one through properly! In reality, the best I can hope for is, one day, each regiment displayed on shelves on a wall or something. If I were to lay them all out together I imagine I'd need a space larger than my small London garden!

  4. wow that's going to look awesome when your finished nice work